alter-egos + avatars

15 May

it’s not really a toadstool: it’s a radish! i know because i carved it myself.

i have but one wish, to find an outlet for the creative energy buzzing in my head. blogging! tweeting! facebooking! myspacing! yet i prefer to sit in the shade of an oak tree with my hardback scribbler on my lap, pen in hand. i love technology, but harbour a hopeless affection for everything old school. such is life.

i already have 3 blogs. (see i can be hip too.) one was but a temporary space, created for the sole purpose of keeping my family up-to-date when i lived in france. a second blog is still ongoing, but is updated only rarely, and also serves only one purpose: it’s a catalogue of sorts of my favourite quotations, accompanied by photographs having to do with either tea or chocolate. and the third blog was actually my first, and although it has changed hands (well, web hosts) several times, it has been in service since 2005, and continues to live today. that last one (first one, heh) is multi-purpose, multi-lingual, and probably best reflects the whole of me. however each blog does really encapsulate different facets of my personality.

so, being so multi-faceted, i naturally decided yet another blog was necessary. so here i am.

this skin was the best i could come up with for now. hopefully my chronic laziness/procrastinating tendencies will not win out and i will be able to delight and dazzle my non-existent audience with a visual background that’s more miss orange, and less formulaic. but this will do for now.

welcome. make yourselves at home, and leave me a little note if you so desire.

update: new skin, indeed. still a work in progress. i’ll keep updating, i promise.


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