home sweet home

15 May

this is an impossibly tiny orange, next to a 0.20€ piece to illustrate its impossible tininess.

i live in the converted attic of a 104 year-old house, surrounded by 29 years’ worth of clutter – notepads filled with scribbles; sketch pads adorned with drawings; folders stuffed with random newspaper clippings, quotes, watercolours; piles of paperbacks and stacks of CDs litter the floor. the hardwood floor is painted blue. it was painted brown when i moved in, and i asked one of the workmen if he could sand it off so it could be restored to its natural wood state. he tried valiantly, but reported back to me that there were about 7 layers of lead paint coating the floor, and if he were to sand it all off the lead dust lingering in the air afterwards just might kill me. so as all those who previously occupied the space, i opted for paint (lead-free). the painter thought i was insane when i requested blue. “are you sure?” was the question of the day, but i couldn’t be swayed. so yes, the floor is blue, as are the blinds, and match my comforter perfectly. the area rug is orange (of course) as are my pillowcases. somehow it all works.


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