childhood lost

16 May

me, a wee time ago. see, even back then i had good taste.

there is a television channel here called YTV, short for youth television. it caters to the pre-teen crowd. whilst scanning the digital guide just now, i noticed The Princess Bride was just starting, so of course i put it on. as with a vast number of my contemporaries, this was one of my favourite movies growing up (along with The Neverending Story and Labyrinth… oh yeah!).

YTV appears to have a MuchMusic/MTV style of setup, with young, pretty hosts and hostesses bopping around the studio delivering monologues in between programs and immediately before commercial breaks. so there’s this young’un of about 15 doing his thang, introducing the movie, and what does he say about it? “if you don’t know this movie, just ask your parents about it – they’ll fill you right in.” and i was all, wtf? until i remembered i’m one of the only ones in my circle of friends and acquaintances that isn’t either married, engaged, or with child.

come to think of it, even my hair stylist has gotten into that act. the second-to-last time i was there, she gave me a new cut, all short and wild and a little bit spiky. as she finished up she admired her work (she’s like that) and actually said to me: “i even managed to knock a few years off you!” and all i could think to myself was: “am i really at an age where i’m supposed to start trying to look younger?” and a little part of my soul sank inside. i’ve never been one to be concerned about age, but with all the fuss going on around me, i’m beginning to think i should do something grand to mark my final months in this ever-so-popular decade…

my feelings on the matter of age are summed up perfectly in this excellent xkcd strip. just pretend the he’s a she, and is thinking about sesame street instead of batman.


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