nose to snout

21 May

it was historic.

a few weeks ago i bought annie one of those little plastic hamster balls. i felt guilty about not having her out as much as she should. apparently her wild brothers and sisters run up to 5 miles a night, but what’s an urban hamster to do? she’s too small for the regular ones but i found one specifically for dwarf hamsters – a tiny little orange one. she loves it. (and so do i. never underestimate the entertainment value of a pet.)

so yesterday as annie was rolling around on the carpet, i set edie down nearby. annie came rolling right up to edie, crashing into her backside. she kept bumping up against her, trying to get a closer look. in return, edie curled up into the tightest ball imaginable and shot out her spines. she sat there like that, huffing and puffing, for a good 5 minutes, while annie just kept smashing into her.

when i scooped edie up a few minutes later, and held her right in front of the ball, she touched her snout to the little slat where annie’s nose was twitching wildly; nobody attacked nor retreated. i’m sure they are totally BFFs now. srsly.


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