of puddles and insects

10 Jun

that thing that looks like a river? it’s the street, in front of my house. you could say we’ve had a spot of damp weather lately.

i sometimes have the attention span of a gnat.

what is there to say when everything is so trivial compared to everything else? all the horrible things happening right this very instant, all over the globe; environmental disasters, humanitarian conflicts, guerilla wars… even small-scale tragedy: death of a loved one, loss of a job, ending of a relationship… bad news is everywhere. yet we focus on the trivial, which is just that: so very trivial. but i guess that’s how we survive: by reminding ourselves that there is something other than the bleak, the painful, the depressing.

the carcass of an ex-spider is glued to the back of my notebook. not literally glued, of course; i’m no avant-garde artiste. no, unfortunately my notebook became a weapon again, for the second time in as many weeks, landing firmly on the head of a large, fast-moving arachnid that was scampering across the living room carpet. i hate killing bugs, even evil spiders. actually, especially evil spiders, at least at this time of year, when the mosquitoes are beginning to hatch. n e way, i left that notebook there in the middle of the floor all weekend. why? to ensure the spider was really dead, naturally. (i’ve since picked it up and left it on a chair so i wouldn’t trip over it; but i’ve not yet peeled the squished bug off the back of it.) and so it sits. meaning i’m not writing or doodling these past few days. but i have a feeling that a sudden urge to clean will be upon me in the very near future…

update: just after posting this last night, i went to the washroom to prep for bed, and who did i find lurking there? yet another dastardly eight-legged beast. i shut the door, turned round and *poof* there he was, standing motionless beside the bathtub. i let out a loud gasp, but proceeded to change into my pj’s anyway – slowly, of course, lest i startle the wretch. then i slowly let myself out, closing the door behind me. i had to call for help to dispose of the creature; otherwise, i’d never have gone back in the room…


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