tonight, tonight

13 Jun

it was the first sunny day in weeks. despite the piercing blueness of the sky, and the brightness of the sun, and the fact that it’s june already, the air was cool – which was fine by me; i prefer a slight chill and bright skies over stuffy heat and humidity. n e way, here it is, 21:00, and the sun is starting to sink slowly closer and closer to the horizon. right now it’s a big orange ball in the sky, glowing fiercely, spraying its juicy colour through the branches of the evergreens on the neighbouring street. the breeze coming in through the open window is an intoxicating blend of smoke (from barbecues and backyard fire pits) and freshly cut grass.

it was the kind of day where we once would have hopped in the car and taken off down the highway, choosing the direction as we drove. we’d stop at a gas station or small grocery store in some small town to pick up some food for the drive and the destination: fruit, cheese, bread, chips, coffee. we’d end up in a provincial park, or a tourist trap, or a small prairie town, or a lake, and we’d walk and eat and talk. on the way back to the city, we might stop for dinner at one of the greasy spoons or mom & pop joints along the highway. that all feels like a lifetime ago.

tonight would be perfect for a bonfire.


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