father’s day festivities

20 Jun

vive la famille!

so we arrived at the suite to a distinct burning smell. as she let us in the front door of the complex, my aunt breathlessly explained that the day had gotten off to a great start, with a fire in the kitchen. as in, an actual fire, not just a little flame in an oily frying pan. my other aunt had put some bacon in the microwave and instead of 30 seconds set it for 3 minutes. the bacon and the paper it was sitting on both caught fire, to the point that the insides of the microwave started to melt and come detached, dripping globs of plastic on to the glass tray. the unit is totalled. we missed all of the action; by the time we got there, the entire lower level of the apartment complex smelled awful, and there was a big empty space where the microwave used to be in my grandpa’s suite.

we ladies then set about preparing lunch. as it’s a nice spring day we had planned on a cold meal (the bacon was the only thing that had to be cooked – so much for that). whilst putting our various homemade salads in large bowls, of course my aunt spilled some of the green salad that she was tossing – lettuce and oil and vinegar flying everywhere, decorating the walls, the floor, and staining her dress. (this was the same aunt that set the microwave ablaze.) yee-haw!

whilst eating at the table, my other aunt’s mother dripped meat juice on the table, soaking a good portion of the tablecloth in cold chicken drippings. at the same time, my aunt spilled coffee on said tablecloth.

for dessert, my aunt had brought two pies – one apple, one cherry – and had her son fetch them from the car. he, being a 13 year-old boy, didn’t pay particular attention to the way he was carrying them, and had them sitting up vertically in the bag. when his mother took the pies out of their boxes, their crusts were all cracked and broken, and both pies were squished to one side. somehow, it was a perfect end to the luncheon. i love my family.


One Response to “father’s day festivities”

  1. Molly June 22, 2010 at 15:28 #

    That microwave fire happened to me once. I was 15 and babysitting some extended family. The family told me the kids liked popcorn and left some out. The little boy grabbed it and threw it in the microwave so I assumed he knew what he was doing (kids are smart with technology). 10 minutes later I had been distracted, forgot about the popcorn, and smoke was pouring out of the microwave.

    Luckily, everyone laughed it off and no damage was done but I was terrified for a few seconds.

    Like the blog and I’d love it if you’d check mine out sometime! withmonsters.blogspot.com

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