27 Jun

summer sunset, seule

the sky is pink and purple and peach and blazing orange, glowing behind the trees. it’s a cool evening, with a breeze and a sudden lack of humidity. the air that’s been thick with haze and smoke these past few days has thinned out to the point of being refreshing after a brief storm. it really is perfect weather for camping.

this summer is going to be different than my previous 8 summers: this time, there will be no day trips to small farm towns near and far; no extended camping trips on the shores of the lake; no late night walks in random neighbourhoods at midnight; no impromptu bonfires organized at the last minute. there will be the usual festivals – fringe, folklorama – but the company i keep shall be different, and therefore the entire dynamic of my attendance at said events will be different. “different” does not equal “bad”, and i will simply find a new groove this summer. but… i did so like the old groove.


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