letter to a ghost

4 Jul

le temps a fait un pas, et la face de la terre a été renouvelée.

i bought a book today, because of you. as i wandered the aisles, scanning the titles on the shelves, one book seemed to jump out at me. i’d never seen it before, but remembered you telling me about it. a classic, written by one of those “great” writers, centuries ago. you told me not of the story itself, but the role it played in your life.
you didn’t enjoy reading; books held no interest for you. that’s so hard to believe, considering the path your life has taken. but this book, this short story, you read it at 17 (because you had to? for school? i don’t know). and so began your love affair with literature. you never spoke of the plot, of the characters; you said only that the story spoke to you in a way no book ever had.
it had been so long since i thought about you. yet out of the blue, on a cool summer morning, there you were, on a bookshelf. i never would have picked up that book if i hadn’t heard your story years ago; never would have hesitated with it, finally tucking it under my arm with the other books i intended to purchase.


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