aside from the tornadoes

17 Jul

qui rit après sa mort? la pluie dans le feuillage (christian bobin)

severe thunderstorm watch in effect: risk of a severe thunderstorm late this afternoon. that’s fine by me, aside from the tornadoes. edie is digging deeper and deeper in her bedding, perhaps trying to hide from the loudly grumbling sky outside. the clouds are a most interesting tableau of abstract art; great swaths of dark grey punctuated by a little billowy whiteness here, a few wisps of pale grey over there… we’ve been averaging one storm per week this summer. aside from the tornadoes, i’m thrilled: i love rain. and cool breezes. and the earthy scent of fresh vegetation. the only thing that worries me, aside from the tornadoes, is one of my bedroom windows: it somehow flung wide open during last week’s storm, and now sits perpendicular to the window frame – with no way to be pulled back in, as the mechanism broke ages ago. hopefully i won’t be woken from tonight’s slumber to the sound of my window being torn off the house, and blowing away down the street…

the rain, now falling fast and hard, is hitting the roof in a succession of heavy thuds, big drops splashing and crashing all around. the sky has brightened, but it’s difficult to see through the thick curtain of raindrops. why is that sound so comforting?


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