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aside from the tornadoes

17 Jul

qui rit apr├Ęs sa mort? la pluie dans le feuillage (christian bobin)

severe thunderstorm watch in effect: risk of a severe thunderstorm late this afternoon. that’s fine by me, aside from the tornadoes. edie is digging deeper and deeper in her bedding, perhaps trying to hide from the loudly grumbling sky outside. the clouds are a most interesting tableau of abstract art; great swaths of dark grey punctuated by a little billowy whiteness here, a few wisps of pale grey over there… we’ve been averaging one storm per week this summer. aside from the tornadoes, i’m thrilled: i love rain. and cool breezes. and the earthy scent of fresh vegetation. the only thing that worries me, aside from the tornadoes, is one of my bedroom windows: it somehow flung wide open during last week’s storm, and now sits perpendicular to the window frame – with no way to be pulled back in, as the mechanism broke ages ago. hopefully i won’t be woken from tonight’s slumber to the sound of my window being torn off the house, and blowing away down the street…

the rain, now falling fast and hard, is hitting the roof in a succession of heavy thuds, big drops splashing and crashing all around. the sky has brightened, but it’s difficult to see through the thick curtain of raindrops. why is that sound so comforting?


one hundred and forty-three

1 Jul

father’s day festivities

20 Jun

vive la famille!

so we arrived at the suite to a distinct burning smell. as she let us in the front door of the complex, my aunt breathlessly explained that the day had gotten off to a great start, with a fire in the kitchen. as in, an actual fire, not just a little flame in an oily frying pan. my other aunt had put some bacon in the microwave and instead of 30 seconds set it for 3 minutes. the bacon and the paper it was sitting on both caught fire, to the point that the insides of the microwave started to melt and come detached, dripping globs of plastic on to the glass tray. the unit is totalled. we missed all of the action; by the time we got there, the entire lower level of the apartment complex smelled awful, and there was a big empty space where the microwave used to be in my grandpa’s suite.

we ladies then set about preparing lunch. as it’s a nice spring day we had planned on a cold meal (the bacon was the only thing that had to be cooked – so much for that). whilst putting our various homemade salads in large bowls, of course my aunt spilled some of the green salad that she was tossing – lettuce and oil and vinegar flying everywhere, decorating the walls, the floor, and staining her dress. (this was the same aunt that set the microwave ablaze.) yee-haw!

whilst eating at the table, my other aunt’s mother dripped meat juice on the table, soaking a good portion of the tablecloth in cold chicken drippings. at the same time, my aunt spilled coffee on said tablecloth.

for dessert, my aunt had brought two pies – one apple, one cherry – and had her son fetch them from the car. he, being a 13 year-old boy, didn’t pay particular attention to the way he was carrying them, and had them sitting up vertically in the bag. when his mother took the pies out of their boxes, their crusts were all cracked and broken, and both pies were squished to one side. somehow, it was a perfect end to the luncheon. i love my family.

tonight, tonight

13 Jun

it was the first sunny day in weeks. despite the piercing blueness of the sky, and the brightness of the sun, and the fact that it’s june already, the air was cool – which was fine by me; i prefer a slight chill and bright skies over stuffy heat and humidity. n e way, here it is, 21:00, and the sun is starting to sink slowly closer and closer to the horizon. right now it’s a big orange ball in the sky, glowing fiercely, spraying its juicy colour through the branches of the evergreens on the neighbouring street. the breeze coming in through the open window is an intoxicating blend of smoke (from barbecues and backyard fire pits) and freshly cut grass.

it was the kind of day where we once would have hopped in the car and taken off down the highway, choosing the direction as we drove. we’d stop at a gas station or small grocery store in some small town to pick up some food for the drive and the destination: fruit, cheese, bread, chips, coffee. we’d end up in a provincial park, or a tourist trap, or a small prairie town, or a lake, and we’d walk and eat and talk. on the way back to the city, we might stop for dinner at one of the greasy spoons or mom & pop joints along the highway. that all feels like a lifetime ago.

tonight would be perfect for a bonfire.

mise en garde:

6 Jun

use as directed.

big ole question mark

23 May

nose to snout

21 May

it was historic.

a few weeks ago i bought annie one of those little plastic hamster balls. i felt guilty about not having her out as much as she should. apparently her wild brothers and sisters run up to 5 miles a night, but what’s an urban hamster to do? she’s too small for the regular ones but i found one specifically for dwarf hamsters – a tiny little orange one. she loves it. (and so do i. never underestimate the entertainment value of a pet.)

so yesterday as annie was rolling around on the carpet, i set edie down nearby. annie came rolling right up to edie, crashing into her backside. she kept bumping up against her, trying to get a closer look. in return, edie curled up into the tightest ball imaginable and shot out her spines. she sat there like that, huffing and puffing, for a good 5 minutes, while annie just kept smashing into her.

when i scooped edie up a few minutes later, and held her right in front of the ball, she touched her snout to the little slat where annie’s nose was twitching wildly; nobody attacked nor retreated. i’m sure they are totally BFFs now. srsly.